Council 3 Updates

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AFSCME Council 3 members in AFSCME Local 1535 from the Department of General Services won safety enhancements by fighting together!

After a long and difficult pandemic year, our AFSCME members in Higher Education are eager to bring back students this fall.

Take action today to protect your pension and support Jamaal Craddock for the Board of Trustees for the Maryland State Retirement and Pension System.

Local Officer's Election Result: July 8th, 2020

AFSCME Local 1319 members have elected new local officers. Ballots were counted under the supervision of Election Chair Brother Patrick Okafor (AFSCME Local 1678). 


Fighting to Fund the Frontline

After successfully stopping the Hogan Administration from unilaterally implementing devastating cuts at the Board of Public Works meeting on July 1st, AFSCME Maryland immediately reached out to schedule bargaining with the Governor and his team.

AFSCME’s Campaign to Reject "draconian” Cuts to Public Services Leads to Victory 

The vote is done AND WE WON! As of late last night, under heavy pressure from AFSCME Maryland and our allies, the Governor pulled all personnel items from his proposals today. Both Comptroller Franchot and State Treasurer Kopp spoke out against the cuts and their intention to vote NO

Alternatives to State Services Cuts

The Hogan Administration has proposed draconian fiscal cuts to State services, while significant revenue savings and enhancements sit untouched. Below are just a few examples.

Funds / Accounts


The State of Maryland is currently facing a more than $1 Billion dollar deficit because Maryland is projecting to collect far less taxes due to the COVID19 pandemic. This is a result of everything shutting down here and all over the world. The Governor wants to bargain in order to close the budget deficit by cutting state employees pay and benefits before the new fiscal year start on July 1st. DBM has continued to attempt to enforce arbitrary timelines and refuse to release members of our bargaining team to participate in these sessions. However, there is no law that says we have to bargain now and our current contract is in effect through the end of 2020. There is no legal past practice or written law requiring we negotiate any kind of agreement before July 1st.
On June 9, the Maryland Senate Finance Committee and House Appropriations Committee held a briefing on how the state has been handling PPE during the Coronavirus pandemic. Hogan Administration officials from the Division of Corrections, Department of Health, Department of Juvenile Services and Department of Human Services testified to the numbers of PPE that had been acquired since the beginning of the pandemic. Their charts and numbers were made to impress, and the numbers themselves are impressive. But AFSCME members also testified and painted a picture of day-to-day reality that belied the rosy presentations of the Administration.

COVID 19 Pandemic and Maryland State and Higher Education Institutions

As Maryland looks to reopen its state office buildings and public higher education institutions, ensuring health and safety in the workplace must be the highest priority. AFSCME Council 3 has been demanding testing, personal protective equipment (PPE), plans and emergency pay for essential employees who have been showing up to work daily during this crisis.

Health and Safety negotiations with the University System of Maryland and University of Maryland, College Park

Last week leaders from AFSCME’s University System schools met with Vice Chancellor Carolyn Skolnik and her team to begin negotiations about safe re-opening of campus.  Members raised serious concerns about how as a system folks should be following the same protocols, and getting the same necessary equipment.  We are awaiting written responses from management and dates to follow up.