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In the Joint Chairmen's Report released earlier this year, understaffing at the Office of the Public Defender was a key issue identified about the health of the office. 

Severe understaffing and turnover has led to heavy caseloads for current employees at OPD, and no district or job title has escaped without feeling the crunch of these staffing issues. 

Fall is here in full swing and you know what that means – election season is here!  

OPD workers! Join us tomorrow, January 19, at 5pm to observe a meeting of OPD's Board of Trustees, the body that will select the next Public Defender. This decision is of huge importance to every OPD worker and every one of our clients, but few people even know the Board exists.


We are the Maryland Defenders Union, an association of the frontline workers of the Office of the Public Defender whose labor is essential to the agency’s mission of providing outstanding representation to indigent clients. We are strongest when we speak together, work together, and fight together. Are you ready to join us?