Our Locals

AFSCME Maryland Council 3 Locals 

(Including former AFSCME Council 67 Locals)

Local 44 | Baltimore City Municipal Employees 
President: Dorothy Bryant
Website: https://www.afscme44.org

Local 112 | Maryland Dept of Social Services 
President: Donna Edwards 

Local 174 | Maryland State Aviation Administration 
President: Bryan Goodman

Local 239 | Frostburg State University Employees 
President: Melanie Lombardi 

Local 241 | Prince George's County Crossing Guards 
President: Susan Koch

Local 266 | Spring Grove/RICA Catonsville Employees
President: Tim Wallace 

Local 354 | Washington and Frederick County, State Employees 
President: Ginger Noble 

Local 423 | Office of the Public Defender 
President: Marci Tarrant Johnson 
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Local 434 | Baltimore County Board of Education 
President: Bryan Epps

Local 539 | Carroll & Howard County State Employees 
President: Jenny Reese 

Local 553 | City of Cumberland 
President: Alvin Boggs 

Local 557 | Clifton T. Perkins Hospital 
President: Lashawn Stroy 

Local 558 | Baltimore Community Health Nurses 
President: Wendy Smith 

Local 582 | Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works 
President: Kevin Nethers

Local 611 | Thomas B. Finan Center - Garrett & Allegany County Employees 
President: Scott Hanekamp 

Local 631 | Suburban Washington Employees 
President: Wynton Johnson 

Local 647 | Baltimore City Housing Authority 
President: Paul Wallace  

Local 669 | Western MD State Highway 
President: Justin Conner 

Local 770 | Upper Eastern Shore Employees 
President: Ikeia Cornish 

Local 898 | Western Correctional Institution Employees 
President: Tony Sines

Local 921 | Baltimore County Department of Public Works 
President: David Heinle

Local 1072 | University of Maryland College Park and University of Maryland Global Campus Employees 
President: Todd Holden 
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Local 1081 | Eastern Shore Employees 
President: Christine Duffy 

Local 1107 | MDTA, Perryville 
President: Nick Scanlon 

Local 1138 | MDTA, Annapolis 
President: Harold Coleman 

Local 1170 | Prince George's County Health Department Supervisors 
President: Rhonda Porter

Local 1209B | City of Bowie 
President: Vacant 
Main Contact: Darrin Thomas 

Local 1209C | City of College Park 
President: Vacant
Main Contact: Richard Cunningham

Local 1297 | Bowie State University Employees 
President: Jontae Thomas

Local 1319 | Patuxent Institution Employees 
President: Kayode Adejuwon 

Local 1356 | Coppin State University Employees 
President: Kevin Carr 

Local 1427 | Baltimore City Correctional Institutions Employees
President: Dorian Johnson
Facebook Page, Facebook GroupInstagram

Email: [email protected]

Local 1453 | City of Rockville 
President: Larry Connelly

Local 1459 | Univ. of Maryland Baltimore County Employees
President: Debbie Michaels 

Local 1521 | Allegany County Sheriffs Department 
President: Matt Ross 

Local 1535 | Maryland State Employees, Baltimore City 
President: Latrice Davis 

Local 1540 | City of Hagerstown 
President: Allen Largent

Local 1606 | MDTA, Baltimore City 
President: Vacant 

Local 1633 | Allegany County Public Employees 
President: Jessie Jeffries

Local 1646 | Prince George's Community College 
President: Tammy Cameren-Allen

Local 1678 | Jessup Correctional Institutions 
President: Oluwadamilola Olaniyan 

Local 1693 | Anne Arundel County Board of Education 
President: Delonya Akindoyo

Local 1772 | Hagerstown Correctional Institutions 
President: John Feeley 

Local 1802 | Harford County Government 
President: Dan Williams

Local 1803 | MD Employees in Anne Arundel County 
President: Tia McCoy-Johnson

Local 1810 | Howard County Professional Employees 
President: Rhonda Neubauer 

Local 1833 | University of Maryland E. Shore 
President: John Kenney 

Local 1834 | Garrett County Roads 
President: Brian Marsh

Local 1839 | Univ. of Maryland - Baltimore, Employees
President: Angela Webb

Local 1859 | Mass Transit Administration Police 
President: Jimmy Smith

Local 1867 | Amalgamated State Workers (Baltimore, Harford & Cecil Counties)
President: Melissa McLeod 

Local 1870 | Baltimore City Community College Employees  
President: Nena Kutniewski 

Local 1885 | Morgan State University Employees 
President: Michael Stewart

Local 1899 | Howard County Board of Education 
President: Robert Coleman 

Local 2202 | Mayor’s Office of Children and Family Success 
President: Aretha Allen

Local 2380 | Montgomery College Staff Union 
President: Lori Ulrich 

Local 2462 | Prince George's County Department of Public Works 
President: Margaret Hinds-English

Local 2471 | Harford County Board of Education 
President: Tunisia Gannon

Local 2563 | Anne Arundel Professional, Technical, and Office Support Employees
President: Timothy Kingston 
Website: https://www.afscmelocal2563.org/

Local 2655 | Allegany Health & Rehabilitation 
President: Sonja Butler 

Local 2677 | Washington County Employees 
President: Sam Mowery 

Local 2735 | Prince George's County Department of Licenses and Human Resources 
President: Mugure Crawford

Local 2741 | Carroll County Board of Education 
President: James DeButts 

Local 2751 | University of Maryland Medical Center 
President: Calvin Oliver

Local 2801 | Maryland Port Authority Employees 
President: Brian Lanasa 

Local 2898 | Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission 
President: Marcus Wilson

Local 2979 | Baltimore City Housing Authority Supervisors 
President: Ryan Byers 

Local 2981 | Charles County Board of Education 
President: Sarah Burch 

Local 3080 | Howard County Detention Center 
President: Tonica Moore

Local 3085 | Howard County Department of Public Works 
President: Dale R. Chase 
Website: https://www.onehowardcountyunited.org/

Local 3162 | Annapolis Clerical/Technical 
President: Jamekica Mackall

Local 3167 | Department of Juvenile Services 
President: Denise Johnson 

Local 3373 | Hagerstown Police Department 
President: Joe Williamson

Local 3374 | Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center 
President: Janel Saunders

Local 3376 | Community Colleges of Baltimore County 
President: Danielle Dorsey 

Local 3389 | Prince George's County Health Department 
President: Anthony P. Smith 

Local 3399 | City of Takoma Park 
President: Brendan Smith

Local 3406 | City of Annapolis 
President: Rafael Dejesus

Local 3478 | Eastern Correctional Institute 
President: Rownite Stevens 

Local 3641 | Department of Labor  
President: Tim Walker 

Local 3644 | Dept. of Education Employees, IWIF/ Worker's Comp Employees 
President: Jamesa Fossett-Williams 

Local 3655 | MVA/MD Insurance Administration 
President: Mildred Womble 

Local 3661 | Parole and Probation Employees 
President: Rayneika Robinson
Website: https://www.afscme3661.org

Local 3674 | MD State Court Employees & Register of Wills 
President: Vacant 

Local 3675 | MD State Police Civilian Employees 
President: Jennifer Jeudy

Local 3737 | Baltimore City Pretrial/Release/Detention Center 
President: Ellice Hall

Local 3888 | Howard County Supervisors 
President: Gary Stewart 
Website: https://www.onehowardcountyunited.org/

Local 3895 | University of Baltimore 
President: Christopher Jennings 

Local 3980 | St. Marys College of Maryland Employees 
President: David Turner 

Local 4007 | Baltimore City Housing Authority - White Collar 
President: Cheryl Smith