Council 3 Team

Council 3 Executive Board 

Patrick Moran, President

Cherrish Vick, Secretary-Treasurer

Executive Vice-Presidents:

Mildred Womble, Local 3655

Patrick Okafor, Local 1678

Moe Said, Local 539

Regional Vice-Presidents:

Charlotte Leach, Local 1319, Central Region

Geron Mackall, Local 1885, Central Region

Larry Chriscoe, Local 1535, Central Region

Anissa Pierce-Sessoms, Local 1081, Eastern Region

Jody Curry, Local 1803, Southern Region

Fredrick Olawoye, Local 1678, Southern Region

Ginger Noble, Local 354, Western Region

 Jeff Grabenstein, Local 898, Western Region

Unit Vice-Presidents:

Debra Graves-Latson, Local 112, Department of Human Services

Rownite Stevens, Local 3478, Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services

Denise Henderson, Local 3167, Department of Juvenile Services

Jason Suggs, Local 3641 State Units and Private Employees

VACANT, Maryland Department of Health

Wonderful Page-McGlown, Local 3655, Motor Vehicle Administration

Rai Douglas, Local 3661, Department of Parole and Probation

Sally Davies, Local 1072, Higher Education

Wynton Johnson, Local 631, Department of Transportation


Pat Davis, Local 3655

Jeff Fiory, Local 1072

Council 3 Staff

Cathy Acton, Business Manager
[email protected]

Denise Gilmore, Field Director
[email protected]

Greta Jackson, Operations Manager
[email protected]

Hank Hollis, Lead Field Representative
[email protected]

Jacob Foster, IT Director 
[email protected]

Jack Hughes, Eastern Shore Field Representative
[email protected]

Joseph Cox, Field Director
[email protected]

Katie Moy Mostris, Communications Director
[email protected]

Lachez' White, Administrative Assistant II
[email protected]

Lance Kilpatrick, Political and Legislative Director
[email protected]

Jakob Klaus, Field Representative
[email protected]

Michelle McIntosh, Field Representative
[email protected]

Lisa McKinney, Field Representative
[email protected]

Ryan Murphy, Field Representative
[email protected]

George Psichis
[email protected]

Sam Luebke, Deputy Director
[email protected]

Sheila Hill, Field Representative 
[email protected]

Stuart Katzenberg, Director of Growth and Collective Bargaining 
[email protected]

Rachel Panciera, Director of Education 
[email protected]