AFSCME and Kahn, Smith and Collins Gathering Evidence for Emergency Pay Grievance

As you may have heard, recently AFSCME’s lawyers at the law firm of Kahn, Smith, and Collins (KSC) prevented the state from getting the statewide emergency pay grievance dismissed. Recently, you may have received an email from them gathering information for our case. These are our attorneys working on our behalf to win our statewide emergency pay grievance.

The judge is going to want to know the answers to the questions below in order to be able to decide the case – including changes to access to the worksite, staff on administrative leave, and whether barriers were erected to prevent the spread of COVID.

They are contacting you because we need your help to gather testimony and evidence on the 247 different worksites where grievants work. Even if you have provided this information before, please feel free to provide it again. 
Below are the questions we need your assistance answering:
  • How did access to your worksite change - for you and visitors? Who was allowed in, who was prohibited, and when?
  • Did access in your facility change? Was use of break rooms, etc, limited and gathering prohibited?
  • How did operations in your worksite change? Did work dwindle? Programs end? Was your interaction with the public subject to new rules and restrictions?
  • For telework, when did it begin, for who, and how did it work?
  • Did you have coworkers who were put on administrative leave? When? Did any coworkers have an on-and-off on a schedule, e.g. 3 days on and 2 days off?
  • Did a COVID outbreak happen in your facility? When? Was it announced to you?
  • Where barriers installed and/or occupancy limited at your worksite? Was PPE mandated and masking required? When, for who, and for how long?

If you have documents, pictures, or emails that support your answers, let us know.

Please answer as soon as possible, by reply to [email protected]. In your message, you must include your first and last name, your worksite, agency, and job classification.