Urge Legislators to Take Action to Support Expanded Emergency Paid Sick Leave for COVID-19 Heroes

As part of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal government instituted expanded worker protection programs and provided federal funding to support recovery efforts. One of these key programs, Emergency Paid Sick Leave (EPSL), has expired despite the continued risk of exposure frontline workers face to COVID-19 and its variants. In Maryland, this program was not extended denying frontline workers access to leave placing an additional barrier for exposed workers.

AFSCME continues to urge DBM and the USM to expand protection for workers including Emergency Paid Sick Leave. It's urgent that all workers have protections and incentives to quarantine if exposed to COVID-19 in order to prevent the spread through congregate care facilities and into our communities. Our union is also gathering letters and testimonials from frontline workers about why this extra leave helps keep you safe to send to legislators overseeing the state's budget. Send a letter today!

Write a message to legislators who will be overseeing a hearing on Thursday, September 22nd about the use of federal funding. This money should be used to support recovery efforts including keeping frontline workers like us safe. Write your letter today asking legislators to question management about their decision.

Stay tuned for more updates after the hearing!