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If you have questions about your membership, please call our office at 410-547-1515 or email [email protected].

When you become a full member and fill out a membership card, you are becoming a member of the largest and fastest growing union for state and higher education employees in Maryland! We are 28,000+ strong and together we are fighting for the raises we deserve, safe staffing levels and to protect our quality public services. 

  • Every public employee in Maryland is impacted by our wage negotiations. When, AFSCME members win a raise, it is extended to all Maryland Public Employees. Even if they are not covered by an AFSCME negotiated Memorandum of Understanding or Contract.
  • Our strength comes from numbers. We need a large and active membership when we sit down at the bargaining table. Our power in numbers creates a strong voice to advocate for Public Employees.  
  • Union membership gives you access to members-only benefits and representation in case of discipline or other violations of the MOU or relevant Maryland State Law. 


  • Right of representation under the contract or, if you do not currently have collective bargaining, under relevant State Law. 
  • Full rights of AFSCME Maryland membership, including joining the group fighting for fair raises for all employees of any state agency, electing union officers, and participating in other democratic processes.
  • Exclusive member-only benefits, insurance benefits and scholarships for you and your family.
  • $17.12 FT | $12.79 PT (per pay period) through payroll deduction 

When we fight, we win

In Fall 2018, Governor Hogan started negotiations by trying to change the rules. Our members made a choice to refuse to compromise our right to: communicate freely with our members through social media and email and seek assistance from the General Assembly. We didn’t agree to these unfair negotiating conditions and instead members from every agency organized:

  • AFSCME Members visited or tried to visit all 188 Senators and Delegates in the Legislature.

  • AFSCME activists generated THOUSANDS of phone calls and email.
  • AFSCME activists held hundreds of workplace meetings to update their co-workers.

Through the hard work of your union’s elected leaders, elected bargaining team and volunteer activists, we kept a consistent presence and made our case clear: Maryland is in a short staffing crisis and we can’t wait.

Maryland Public Employees are more than 48% behind the national rate of inlation. We can't afford to wait. Join the fight today. Our strength comes from numbers, and getting a raise to recruit and retain quality staff next year will be a big fight!

Legislators felt the pressure and we were able to stop attempts to delay the 3% COLA and win MORE money for our members. We REFUSED to Settle because Union Power Wins!

Real Pay increases: Maryland Public Employees are the 29th lowest paid in the United States. In 2020, we won a 3% Cost of Living Adjustment on July 1st, 2019, a 1% COLA increase in January 2020 (Revenue Contingent) and a 2% COLA in July 2020 and we go back to the table in September 2020 to fight for more. 

  • Job Protection for USM Exempt Employees who are covered by collective bargaining will only be able to be terminated with “cause” effective October 1, 2019. Previously, USM Exempt Employees were the ONLY public employees that are covered by collective bargaining in Maryland without this critical protection.
  • Expands access to all state employees for free ridership services in the Baltimore Metro Area. This bill requires that the Maryland Transit Administration provide FREE ridership ser­vices on transit vehicles to any permanent employee working for the State of Maryland
  •  The Payroll Recovery Act extends the ability of state employees to receive damages if an inaccurate pay check is not corrected in a timely fashion. We have won over $100,000 in damages so far- check your paystubs especially on Holidays or if you work a non-Daylight shift.  

Bottom line: Union membership matters

We cannot take our rights and benefits for granted any longer. The most important way you can help keep Maryland strong is by becoming a union member today.

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If you have questions about your membership, please call our office at 410-547-1515 or email [email protected].