AFSCME Maryland Statement on December 3rd Indictment


December 3rd, 2019

Contact: Katie Mostris, [email protected], 410-350-9756

AFSCME Maryland Statement on December 3rd Indictment 

Baltimore, Maryland- AFSCME Maryland learned yesterday of the indictment and arrest of 25 correctional officers and employees. AFSCME does not condone any unlawful acts or any mistreatment of detainees, inmates, or any individual. The correctional officers charged today should receive the process and rights that they are due under Maryland law and the US Constitution. They are innocent until proven guilty. 

AFSCME supports and advocates for facilities that are safe, secure, and operated according to law. Safety for officers and inmates is a top priority. It is achieved through proper staffing, vetting, and training. AFSCME’s purpose is to bring employees together for these purposes and other improvements in facilities and working conditions. The vast majority of correctional officers we represent perform their duties admirably and tirelessly each day. The actions of any few officers should not be held against, or diminish the work, of those many who serve with honor. 


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