AFSCME Maryland Council 3

State workers jumped into action during dangerous wintery weather. Despite their work, the State initially refused to pay. That’s when AFSCME Council 3 stepped in to make workers whole.
Representing dozens of State departments from across Maryland, members donned green AFSCME shirts, hats and scarves on the parade route along Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Eutaw Street.
After months at the table with management, our bargaining team negotiated an overdue wage increase for the upcoming fiscal year.
AFSCME members Timothy Bolden from Eastern Shore Hospital Local 770 and Scott Hanekamp from Thomas B. Finan Center Local 611 testified today in Annapolis about the lack of beds and unsafe conditions for patients and staff at state-run hospitals and mental health facilities.

The 2018 Maryland General Assembly Session is underway. With our legislators back in Annapolis, we’re making sure our voices and the concerns of State workers are front-and-center. 

Stay informed! Find out what's happening in Council 3. 

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