Council 3 Updates

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Maryland has a $2.5 Billion Dollar Surplus! Join us in the fight to demand Governor Hogan use the surplus to invest in public services and the employees who provide them.

As you may have heard, recently AFSCME’s lawyers at the law firm of Kahn, Smith, and Collins (KSC) prevented the state from getting the statewide emergency pay grievance dismissed.

Earlier this month, AFSCME Council 3’s Executive Board invited the leading republican and democratic candidates for Governor to meet and interview about their plan for Maryland.

Emergency Pay Grievance Update: September 22nd 2020

Below is a list of the most recent status for each agencies Emergency Pay Grievance. It’s important to note that while the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) has resumed enforcing timelines, the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) continues to toll and hold timelines for grievances.

September Regional AFSCME Meetings

This week, AFSCME staff and leaders will host a series of Regional AFSCME Meetings to update members about our ongoing wage campaign and fight for healthy and safe working conditions during the pandemic. RSVP by emailing the staff person coordinating your region- all members welcome from all agencies. All regional AFSCME meetings will be hosted remotely to keep members and staff safe and socially distant.

After hearing from USM and University officials, AFSCME leaders Maria Ayala (UMCP), Quiana Tilghman (UMES), Blair Knouse (FSU) and Todd Holden (UMCP) and Stuart Katzenberg from the AFSCME Council 3 Staff gave testimony to the assembled senators and delegates. In the run up to this hearing, AFSCME members and leaders spent hours meeting with legislators so they understood the danger our members face daily on campus and the need for greater oversight.
DBM Cuts COVID-19 Response Pay

AFSCME was informed after close of business Thursday, September 10th, that the elevated COVID-19 pay and additional quarantine pay for our frontline employees working at jobsites throughout the pandemic has been unilaterally canceled by the Hogan Administration. These members are exposed daily to COVID-19 and are in the highest risk category for contracting the virus. Already at least 800 AFSCME members have contracted COVID-19 from their workplace and two of our members have lost their lives from a workplace exposure. 

2020 Telework Survey for State and Higher Education Employees

As you all know that pandemic has brought about some much needed updates in the State’s and  Higher Education’s workplace policies.  One of the most glaring is the telework policy.  We have put together a survey to get more information from Sisters and Brothers across the state about the telework policies in their workplace.

July 1st UI Deduction Changes

At the end of Fiscal Year 2020, several AFSCME 3 members reached out about a change in deductions on their most recent pay stubs. On or about July 1st, members noticed that the UI contribution no longer reflected a balance. We confirmed through Cindy Kollner that this change was approved at the July 1st Board of Public Works meeting because the state has a large enough fund balance to pay for claims in the next fiscal year without charging state agencies. 

Bargaining Update: Urging Governor Hogan Return to Negotiation Table

Following a failed attempt at significant cuts to frontline employees at the July 1st Board of Public Works meeting, the AFSCME elected bargaining team began negotiating with Governor Hogan.    

Emergency Pay Grievance Update: August 20th, 2020

As of today, other than the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), the Emergency Pay Grievance filed by AFSCME has passed the first step of the grievance procedure. Please review the status of your agency via the list below. The Department of Budget and Management (DBM) has resumed enforcing timelines for grievances and appeals and we continue to actively pursue a successful resolution.