Pay Equity for DOL Inspectors: When We Fight, We Win

The inspector units in the state of Maryland do key work to keep the community safe. Amusement ride Inspectors make sure our kids are safe in amusement parks. The elevator inspectors provide a vital service that keeps everyone safe every time they step inside an elevator in Maryland. When you see those inspection tickets inside the elevator- these are the people keeping us safe. The boiler inspectors also make sure boilers throughout the state are functioning properly, such that we don't have to worry every time we enter a building with a boiler. 

Together, these inspectors fought for pay equity and for their hard work keeping Marylanders safe to be recognized.  The amusement ride inspectors initiated this fight by writing a letter to management signed by the majority of staff. Through this process, wide disparities between the pay of the three types of inspectors were discovered. Members of AFSCME from all three classifications came together to demand a meeting with management. After three days of constant outreach, members had a meeting scheduled with management. By working together, members made a strong case and began working on escalating their concerns to the legislators who make budgetary decisions for the Department of labor.

Within weeks of that letter and meeting and unified action across departments, inspectors were notified they would be given an increase to create pay parity. When we fight, we win! AFSCME members are leading the fight for wages. Our union is powered by our members. Join the union today to become a member and be counted in the fight for living wages! Become a member today to stand with your union by filling out an online membership form.

Stay tuned for more updates on ways to get involved in the fight for wages this fall.