AFSMCE Members' Action Produces Governor's Reaction: Limited Universal Testing to Begin in State Facilities

For Immediate Release: May 20th, 2020

Contact: [email protected], 410-350-9756 Katie Mostris

AFSMCE Members' Action Produces Governor's Reaction

Baltimore, Maryland- Today, Governor Hogan announced via press release his plan to implement universal testing in Department of Correction and Department of Juvenile Services facilities. We are proud that AFSCME members’ action has produced the Governor’s reaction, and we are happy that our campaign for health and safety at public facilities is winning results.  However we couldn’t help but notice today’s announcement oddly omits any testing in the Maryland Department of Health and its hospitals. 

The announcement also contradicts communications we had this morning with the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, with the Division of Corrections saying there would be “limited” tests of “some” correctional officers “soon”.  We requested details and protocol in writing this morning and have yet to receive a response.  We are also interested to know what tests they are using, as some tests have since been shown to have unacceptable accuracy.  

 We hope what is in the Governor’s press release is true.  We have waited for proper PPE and testing since the Governor first declared an emergency in early March.  Along the way there have been many promises made and since broken.  All front-line workers deserve to be safe on the job.  


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