AFSCME Maryland Announces Endorsement of Mark Parker for Baltimore City District 1 Council Seat

Open seat is critical for Southeast Baltimore; endorsement adds to existing list of endorsements by AFSCME Maryland

Baltimore — On Thursday, April 18, AFSCME Maryland announced the endorsement of Pastor Mark Parker for District 1 councilman. This endorsement follows the union’s earlier endorsement of the following candidates last month:

  • Mayor: Brandon Scott
  • Comptroller: Bill Henry
  • City Council President: Zeke Cohen
  • City Council District 1: Mark Parker
  • City Council District 2: Danielle McCray
  • City Council District 3: Ryan Dorsey
  • City Council District 5: Isaac "Yitzy" Schleifer
  • City Council District 6: Sharon Middleton
  • City Council District 7: James Torrence
  • City Council District 8: Paris Gray
  • City Council District 9: John Bullock
  • City Council District 10: Phylicia Porter
  • City Council District 11: Eric Costello
  • City Council District 12: Jermaine Jones
  • City Council District 14: Odette Ramos

“Mark represents the type of candidate we want to support. He is rooted in the community, he is dedicated to service, and he is committed to working families. As pastor of one of our community’s anchor institutions, he knows how to build bridges, do outreach, and pound the pavement. We look forward to helping him win in the 1st district,” said Patrick Moran, President of AFSCME Maryland Council 3.

“I am proud to have the support of the thousands of AFSCME Maryland Council 3 members who live and/or work in Baltimore City. Their commitment to public service, their professionalism, and their dedication are at the heart of our capacity as a city to provide dependable services and build and sustain livable communities. As councilperson, I am committed to building stronger bonds between city workers and their representatives on the council, in collaboration with AFSCME members, so that we can strengthen our city together,” said Mark Parker, candidate for the 1st district.

AFSCME Maryland Council 3 represents thousands of workers who live and/or work in Baltimore. AFSCME Locals 44, 558, and 2202, are local unions affiliated with AFSCME Maryland, and represent workers in many of the city’s agencies, including in Transportation, Public Works, Recreation and Parks, the Health Department, the Mayor's Office of Children & Family Success, and in Baltimore city schools.

Earlier this year, AFSCME convened a committee of member leaders who work in Baltimore to decide on these endorsements. Committee members reviewed candidate answers to questionnaires and interviewed candidates. The final endorsements were based off of a candidate’s commitment to supporting working people, their record of supporting AFSCME members and union organizing, and the viability of their candidacy. With a long history in Baltimore city, AFSCME took into account candidates’ current and past records. AFSCME will work at all levels to help elect our endorsed candidates.


About AFSCME Maryland Council 3
AFSCME Maryland Council 3 represents nearly 45,000 public service workers in local, city, county and state government as well as in higher education who provide the valuable public services that our communities rely on. From Western Maryland to the Eastern Shore, we make Maryland happen.