BREAKING: Contract Ratified

When We Fight, We WIN!

The votes are in. Council 3 voted to ratify its tentative agreement with the State. We won a permanent raise for all employees in the face of an administration that offered NOTHING at the bargaining table. You may be wondering: What happens next? Now, it’s all hands on deck in Annapolis to win more for members.

Here’s how Council 3 plans to fight even harder for increased wages and stronger rights for public service workers in Maryland:

Leveraging Political Power
We’re taking this money and fighting for more in Annapolis. We will fight for pay equity and shift differential for State employees.

Training And Mobilization
Every member matters. You’ll be hearing from leaders in your locals about how you can get more involved in upcoming actions, union trainings and events.

Returning To The Barganing Table
We are back at the table for the next round of wage negotiations in September for raises and steps again, we deserve more we will stand up for more. The Hogan administration CAN AFFORD RAISES – and we’re heading back to the table to get them.

PDF iconDownload the Council 3 Ratification Flier