Update on Emergency Pay Grievance

Emergency Pay Grievance Update: August 20th, 2020

As of today, other than the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), the Emergency Pay Grievance filed by AFSCME has passed the first step of the grievance procedure. Please review the status of your agency via the list below. The Department of Budget and Management (DBM) has resumed enforcing timelines for grievances and appeals and we continue to actively pursue a successful resolution.

Over 4,000 members joined this grievance making it the largest case ever filed against the State of Maryland. At each step, DBM has tried to invalidate the case on the basis of forms being filled out and dates. To date, they have not addressed the core issue of the grievance: that our MOU has clear language outlining the required conditions to receive emergency pay. Review our MOU on our website!

  • DPSCS – Meeting with Dept 8/21 for Step 2 conference
  • MDH – Awaiting Step 2 conference
  • DJS – Awaiting Step 2 conference
  • Dept of Labor – Awaiting Settlement conference with DBM
  • Dept of Ag – Awaiting Settlement conference with DBM
  • SDAT – Awaiting Settlement conference with DBM
  • ALL MDOT – Awaiting settlement conference with MDOT
  • Comptroller – going to OAH
  • MDVA – going to OAH
  • DGS – Awaiting Settlement conference 8/24
  • Military – Awaiting Settlement conference 8/26
  • MSP – Awaiting Settlement conference 8/24
  • DHS – Awaiting settlement conference with DBM
  • DNR – At Step 1 as management has failed to identify the appropriate representative 

Joining this grievance is one step to enforce our contract and build power and respect for public service workers in Maryland. Since March, AFSCME has been a leader in calling for proper compensation and healthy and safe working conditions In all state facilities. In many agencies, we lead and won the fight to procure PPE and clear policies and procedures on minimizing the spread in the workplace.

We will continue to update all grievants as we move through the process. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Member Resource Center at [email protected] or 410-547-1515 with any questions!