Upcoming Spring 2019 Regional AFSCME Meetings

Ready for the fight ahead? Join us at our Regional AFSCME Meetings to stay updated, meet other activists in your agency or region and plan for the fight ahead. Download the flier here!

RSVP by texting “REGIONAL” to 237-263!

On the Agenda: 

  1. Updates from the 2019 Legislative Session including a report on how MD legislators voted on key AFSCME priorities.
  2. Get the latest update on the Fight for a Raise and the next steps in stopping the short staffing crisis hurting our agencies and communities.
  3. Have questions or want more information about what being active in the union means? Join us to learn about upcoming worksite visits or find the next date for our Upcoming Activist Trainings!



Wed.,  March 27th
190 W. Ostend Street
6–7 PM


Wed.,  March 27th
106 W. Circle Street
6–7 PM

Prince George’s and Tri-County

Wed., April 3rd
14440 Old Mill Rd
Upper Marlboro, MD
6–7 PM


Thursday, April 4
18131 Maugans Ave.
6–7 PM

Upper Shore and Northern MD

Thursday, April 4
Perryville Public Library 500 Coudon Blvd.