Tentative Agreement Reached for State Workers in Units A, B, C, D, F, and H!

After nearly 4 months of negotiations, we are excited to announce that our bargaining team has reached an agreement with the State!

You can read a full overview of what we've won in this new agreement on our bargaining website here.

Overall, everyone in an AFSCME-represented bargaining unit will receive pay increases of 5% or more in the first year of this agreement. The exact increase will depend on your job class, agency, and years of service.

This agreement is the result of countless hours of work by our AFSCME Maryland bargaining team, which is made up of state employees from every agency, bargaining unit, and region of the State.

Our bargaining team also couldn’t have done this without the action and support of each and every AFSCME member. Thank you to everyone who filled out our bargaining survey, attended a virtual town hall, read and shared our bargaining updates with your coworkers, and sent a letter to Governor Moore demanding better.

Please stay tuned for more information as well as next steps and instructions on ratifying this agreement.

Every person who joins strengthens our union and allows us to continue to win the pay increases and workplace changes we want to see in our jobs. If you are not already an AFSCME member, you can become one here.