Message from President Moran: $2.5 Billion Reasons to Fund a Raise for Maryland’s State and Higher Education Public Employees

Recently, it was announced that Maryland has a $2.5 billion dollar surplus this fiscal year. I want to make it clear where that surplus came from. By undercutting, underfunding, and understaffing vital public services at the State and county level, Governor Hogan can now claim Maryland has a surplus in the budget. This surplus came on the backs of depriving the employees here who keep Maryland’s safety net functioning from being able to do their job. This surplus came by spending as little federal aid as he could and quite frankly putting money in the wrong places.   

Now, the Governor has created a crisis in state services. Our state agencies are in a staffing crisis because of thousands of vacancies that the Governor has let grow in his time in office. 5,000 vacancies are an embarrassment to Maryland. We are here to fight for that surplus to be used where it is needed most: to support Maryland’s public services and ensure all working people are able to recover from the pandemic.     

Just like workers across the country, frontline heroes in Maryland are rising and standing together to fight for a voice on the job. Our work is valuable and better pay will lead directly to improving Maryland’s state services. Together, with our allies, our union is ready to continue the fight for a better Maryland by expanding collective bargaining and demanding the Governor fund living wages for all frontline heroes.   

We are here to fight for a shared vision of Maryland with our community and legislative allies with robust public services helping Marylanders in their toughest moments. Winning this change means investing in our public services and YOU the people who provide them. With news of our state's $2.5 billion surplus and the USM’s $950 million fund balance, it is crystal clear, the time is now.