Know Your Rights: Snow and Ice INCOMING

Tomorrow, Wednesday, February 20th, weather predictions are calling for snow and ice starting in the morning into the early afternoon. At this time, no announcement has been made regarding a State of Emergency or closure of any state agencies. In preparation for inclement weather, please stay safe and Know Your Rights if you are working.

We keep Maryland safe and moving 365 days a year! Our union contract has guaranteed rights that must be respected, even when the snow is falling and roads are icy. During a declared State of Emergency, it’s important to put your SAFETY first and know your rights!

Employees in Higher Education can review the guaranteed rights outlined in the Union MOU for your University our our website!

State Employees under the Executive Branch should remember:

  1. In order to receive State of Emergency Pay (2x your pay), two conditions must be in effect: the State of Maryland is closed in your Work County, and there is a declared State of Emergency.
  2. If a jurisdiction closes the road that takes you to work to ALL NON-EMERGENCY TRAFFIC, your employer must either provide transportation to work (be sure to request transportation) or grant administrative leave. If the roads aren’t closed, you have the duty to report to work.
  3. The employer must pay you if you must remain at your facility to sleep. If you stay there to sleep, you are to receive on-call pay.

Check the DBM Website and the AFSCME Maryland Facebook for the most up to date information about State Closures!