January 2024 Message from AFSCME Maryland Council 3 President Patrick Moran

Why Your Participation Matters in this Legislative Session!

There are thousands of bills that are introduced each year during Maryland’s legislative session. You may say, “So what, why should I care?” And the simple answer is that those bills, or potential laws, could affect your well-being, your salary, your health, your benefits, and your rights.

Every year, our union submits bills or potential laws to strengthen our rights at work, give workers without a union the right to form one, and protect our benefits. And one of the best ways to increase the chances of our bills being passed is when we visit legislators in Annapolis to speak on the bills and issues we care about. Legislators certainly take notice when our AFSCME Green Machine is in Annapolis for lobby Nights, hearings, and more!

Ultimately, your participation is crucial in Annapolis during this legislative session. If you aren’t already, get involved to help win big things (and stop the bad things) for you and your coworkers. See you in Annapolis!

- AFSCME Maryland Council 3 President Patrick Moran