HB73 Telework Policy Reform Passes the House

On Thursday, March 4th, HB73 Telework Policy Reform passed the Maryland House of Delegates by a vote of 100-22. It will now crossover to the Maryland Senate, so we’re one chamber down, one to go. 

Learn more about the Telework Policy Reform Here!

Whether telework is mitigating the potential exposure to a deadly virus, assisting in reducing pollution, or aiding in the recruitment and retention of workers during a staffing crisis, allowing employees the flexibility of choosing their work location has proven to be an important tool in improving quality of life.

HB 73 makes improvements to existing law by including local government, judiciary, legislative, and private employees under the telework program mandate. It also provides much-needed guidelines for cybersecurity in state government. The COVID-19 pandemic, however, has also forced the discussion of who can telework into the forefront.

While existing state law established a telework program for state employees, and in 2013 the Maryland General Assembly placed a 15% participation goal among eligible employees—changes are necessary to ensure that all employees who are capable of working remotely have equitable access to participate in the state telework program.

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