Governor Hogan Cuts 2% COLA for July 2020

You care about the people of Maryland.

Governor Hogan doesn’t

Everybody knows that there is a serious staffing crisis here is Maryland.

Important services are suffering.  Services that help kids in crisis; that care for people in state hospitals; that provide assistance for people in state institutions who are looking to turn their lives around.

The front page of the Baltimore Sun and the editorial page are calling it a crisis.

Governor Hogan doesn’t think it’s that big of a deal.

While rumors fly about the Governor diverting state funds to benefit his private businesses, Hogan moved to take away two pay increases state employees have won over the past year and are due to arrive in people’s paychecks:

  • A 1% increase due all AFSCME bargaining units on 1/1/2020 - Hogan denied this increase to AFSCME members but gave it to all other state employees -   AFSCME members who are at the epicenter of the staffing crisis.
  • Up to a 2% increase due ALL state employees on 7/1/2020.  Despite the favorable economic environment in Maryland, the cost to live here and the everyday worsening staffing scandal, Hogan is looking to deny state workers a wage increase they won.

Hogan cares about his pockets.

He doesn’t care about yours.

AFSCME Council 3 is fighting back and actively pursuing all of our legal, legislative and other potential remedies. Until then, we need to stand together and demand the compensation we deserve by pressuring the Legislature and Governor Hogan to reverse these actions.

Come to Annapolis to the personnel budget hearings – THIS IS THE ONLY PUBLIC HEARING SPECIFICALLY ABOUT STATE EMPLOYEE WAGES and we need to send a clear message by filling the room with angry state employees!

Tuesday, February 18, noon, Miller Senate Building, 11 Bladen St., Annapolis RSVP:

Friday, February 21, noon, House of Delegates, 6 Bladen St., Annapolis RSVP:

Come to the Council 3 mid-Legislative Session planning meeting, Saturday, February 22, 10am-2pm, 190 W. Ostend St. RSVP: