General Assembly Overrides Hogan's Veto of MOU Grievance Bill


Today, the House voted 96-41 and Senate voted 31-15 to override Governor Hogan’s veto on our MOU grievance bill. This bill was originally introduced during the 2018 session and after two vetoes from the Governor will become law in thirty days. Thank you to the shop stewards, activists and members who fought to strengthen workers’ rights by working on this bill.   

Starting in 30 days, our members in the SPMS, MDOT, and independent personnel systems (Higher Education), will be able to begin grieving MOU violations up to the Office of Administrative Hearings under current state law. This important legislation strengthens our contract and our ability to fight violations of the contract.

Many of our contracts have the strongest protections preventing schedule changes, working conditions under state closures and other aspects of Emergency Essential personnel. Stay tuned for more important updates about how to identify these violations of the contract.

Our contract is only be as strong as we make it. Make sure you are up to date and have reviewed the MOU for your workplace:

When we fight, we win. This bill is a critical step forward and AFSCME is continuing to organize and lobby in Annapolis to end the staffing crisis and strengthen workers’ rights. Read the full bill here:

Join us at the Personnel Budget Hearings for the Department of Budget and Management on Tuesday (2/18) or Friday (2/21). Both days will have testimony from management and it is very important that we fill these hearings room- put your leave slip in today and rsvp here:

Tuesday, 2/18:

Friday, 2/21: