FY 2021 Wage Negotiations Have Started

Negotiations Have Begun: the FIGHT is ON!

Now is the time for us to make our voices heard! Last week, we had our second meeting to discuss wage negotiations for the upcoming year. Once again, the Hogan administration sent representatives offering limited ground rules despite ongoing Unfair Labor Practice charges. Winning a fair raise will require a lot more fighting than can happen at the negotiation table.

Without a fair raise, the Staffing Crisis will only continue to grow. At this point, without a serious effort to recruit AND retain quality staff we will only continue to see the quality of services decrease and our workplaces become less safe. We are on the frontlines of a staffing crisis in Maryland; we see it every day and it’s only getting worse. 

We are not the only ones affected -- our voice is stronger when we join with families, communities and allies to get safe, effective services in Maryland. This campaign is our WAGE campaign.  It’s time to enlist the community as allies in our fight for fair wages. 

We need to show our strength AWAY from the table because there is too much at stake for our state. That’s why over 1,500 Marylanders signed our petition demanding the General Assembly convene Emergency Hearings AND WE WON.

RSVP now for the October 29th, at 10am in the Joint Hearing Room in Annapolis the House Appropriations Committee and the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee will convene a Joint Emergency Hearing about the staffing crisis.

Members of the public are invited so bring your friends and family and let’s pack the room!