Fighting to #FundtheFrontline: Bargaining Tomorrow

Fighting to Fund the Frontline

After successfully stopping the Hogan Administration from unilaterally implementing devastating cuts at the Board of Public Works meeting on July 1st, AFSCME Maryland immediately reached out to schedule bargaining with the Governor and his team.

We have scheduled negotiations with the Governor on July 9th, 14th and 16th. Our elected bargaining team will bring solid ideas on how to continue to successfully fight the virus and negotiate the rocky economic times ahead. We are hoping that the Governor comes to the negotiations table in the spirit of collaboration.

We are working closely with our community allies, other unions and legal team to prepare for the Governor’s next chance to put forward cuts at the next Board of Public Works meeting on July 22nd.

The key to this situation is to fight the virus AND be smart with money. We can’t give in to cuts that degrade our ability to fight the virus. Being smart means looking to tap special funds, look for opportunities for enhanced revenues and lobby effectively for federal aid.

Our neighbors are counting on frontline employees to contain the virus spread & safely re-open our economy for all.

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