February 2024 Message from AFSCME Maryland Council 3 President Patrick Moran

AFSCME Members Get It Done!

This month, I was reminded of what our union can accomplish when we show up in full force.

In Howard County, library system employees won their union by a sweeping margin (151-19)! They organized together and got it done. Their union siblings in AFSCME Locals 1810, 3080, 3085, and 3888 (which represent those who work for Howard County) showed up to lend a hand to help make this happen, reaching out to their networks and encouraging library workers they knew to join our union.

The state legislature is also in session, and AFSCME members are taking action! With several collective bargaining bills on the line, AFSCME members are showing up to testify and speak with their legislators from all over the state. Our actions are working. Our bill to grant collective bargaining rights to supervisors across the state is moving ahead. And we couldn’t have done this without all the members who took action, came to Annapolis, and spoke out.

When we show up in Annapolis or at a school board or council meeting, it sends a strong message that the people that do the work — at a school or college, in a city, in a county, or for the State — are in the house and are the experts on the work we do. Our presence makes it happen! We have six more weeks to go until the legislative session is over, so let’s keep it going!

- AFSCME Maryland Council 3 President Patrick Moran