Bargaining Team Returns to Negotiations with Hogan Administration After Two Years

Bargaining Team Returns to Negotiations After Two Years

Yesterday, for the first time in 2 years members of our elected bargaining team sat down with the Hogan Administration with signed ground rules. After winning a proposed decision from the Office of Administrative Hearings, Governor Hogan and his administration have been ordered to meet with AFSCME to exchange proposals. The Administrative Law Judge found the Governor's team guilty of Unfair Labor Practices and attempts to violate the rights of AFSCME members. 

Our bargaining team is ready to meet with the State of Maryland to discuss competitive wages to combat the crisis caused by understaffing. Our members are dedicated public servants who deserve fair compensation and a chance to negotiate with their employer. At our first session, AFSCME's elected bargaining team submitted a full package of proposals to the State:

  • Significant wages increase for FY2021
  • Ensuring long term employees are fairly compensated for their dedicated service
  • Increasing the shift differential
  • Changing the state salary scale to reflect increases reflecting the Fight for $15 wage standards

Our team is waiting on proposals from the State of Maryland and are scheduled to meet at the following dates: 12/5, 12/11 and 12/18

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