August 2023 Message from AFSCME Maryland Council 3 President Patrick Moran

"Since the unification of our two AFSCME councils in Maryland into one strong AFSCME Council 3, we have had a constant wave of organizing and action. Members are engaged at every level — from the city to the county to the state as well as in our school districts and on our higher education campuses. From negotiating contracts to organizing new members into our union, we are a united AFSCME!

We have seen a surge in activity across the state, and people are joining AFSCME to gain more power at their workplaces. Over the last two months, I have had the honor of meeting with over 20 locals and hundreds of current and soon-to-be members at worksites, local meetings, organizing meetings, local picnics, and in negotiation sessions all across Maryland. One thing is abundantly clear: we make Maryland happen!

It is incredibly exciting to have so many members engaged in action and standing up for a better future for ourselves and our families. It is an exciting time in our union as we have so many opportunities in front of us. Bringing everyone together will not only make those opportunities greater but will also make any challenges we encounter easier to overcome. This is already proving to be the case at the bargaining table, where bringing together our resources is showing better outcomes for our members and providing much needed raises. We are definitely STRONGER TOGETHER!"

-AFSCME Maryland Council 3 President Patrick Moran