AFSCME Continues to Fight for Expanded Retro Pay

Some state employees received a limited amount of response pay for working and reporting during the pandemic. Throughout this crisis, AFSCME Council 3 members have never hesitated to report to work despite the many unclear and unknown risks of exposure. Our union has been fighting for any workers required to report to their physical workplace to receive hazard pay!

We urge the Governor to include both state and higher education employees who have been left out of hazard pay as all public employees required to report to a physical workplace risked exposure to COVID-19. Exposure to COVID-19 is too great a risk to be uncompensated and unrecognized by management. Join our fight if you work in higher education or for DBM and the state government! Our greatest strength is our numbers, and we need all public employees to stand together as union members.

 Take Action and Send a Letter to Decision-Makers urging them to expand the COVID-19 Response Pay!

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