Veto Overridden: A Win for University System of Maryland Staff

The wins continue for University System of Maryland (USM) staff- last night Governor Hogan's veto of Senate Bill 9 was overridden. Late last week, AFSCME also won our fight to increase the $15 minimum wage for all USM staff. Read more about our victory here.

Now, consolidated bargaining and one contract covering 11 campuses with the University System of Maryland will become law. AFSCME higher education members can finally bargain with the University System of Maryland directly for one master contract!

Thank you to leaders in the Maryland House and Senate for your support enacting this change. Thank you Speaker Adrienne Jones, Delegate Maggie McIntosh, Delegate Jared Solomon, Delegate Pat Young, Delegate Ben Barnes and our allies in the Senate- Senator Bill Ferguson and Senator Ben Kramer!

What was won?

A law was passed in 2021 that affects our pay and working conditions. Union members of the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) worked together to change the law to secure our right to negotiate acontract to establish wages, hours, and working conditions TOGETHER and DIRECTLY with the USM.

Why is this important?

The USM governs all public universities in Maryland. For the first time in the history of higher education in Maryland staffhave won the right to be able to negotiate a contract directly with the USM.

Our efforts were fiercely opposed by high-paid campus presidents and administrators, but AFSCME prevailed.

What changed?

AFSCME union members can now negotiate a union contract with USM decision-makers regarding wages, raises, and policies that determine our working conditions. 

Old System: University employees negotiate separately by campus and only with the administration on campus. Not the USM.

New System: University employeescan now speak with one voice, negotiating directly with those who make the decisions—the USM.

Ready to get involved?

1. Become a Union Member to join and support the fight ahead for one fair contract. Sign up online!

2. Join your campus'es Higher Education Action Team (HEAT) to get involved in the fight to build a stronger contract and win raises on campus. Learn more here!

3. Download a flier to share and post in your worksite here! Get the flier here.