Emergency Pay Grievance During the Pandemic

Emergency Pay Grievance Updates

The AFSCME Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in article 10, section 5, says that state employees whose duties require them to report to work to continue agency operations during an emergency condition or who are required to report to work during a declared emergency condition are entitled to be credited (i.e. paid) two hours of work time for each hour actually worked. Between March 12, 2020 and March 22, 2020, the Hogan administration was properly applying this section of the MOU by providing double compensation for employees who were still required to go to work. 

However, on March 21, 2020, the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) announced that the double compensation essential and mission critical employees were receiving for showing up to work under this COVID-19 public health emergency was ending at midnight on March 23, 2020—right as the crisis was accelerating in Maryland. 

AFSCME members in every state agency have continued to be on the frontlines of this crisis, ensuring Marylanders receive the essential services they need during this time and helping to prevent the spread of the virus into our communities.

By filing this grievance to enforce the emergency pay provision of the MOU, AFSCME members are taking a stand and saying respect our rights—work during a declared emergency deserves emergency pay.

Download our Frequently Asked Questions to get more information about the grievance!

Who is eligible to join this grievance?

You are eligible to sign on to this grievance if you meet all of the following criteria:

• You covered under the AFSCME MOU, which means you are a state employee whose job classification falls in bargaining units A, B, C, D, F, & H, and;

• As part of your assigned duties, you have reported to a physical work location at any point since March 23, 2020. This includes reporting to work at a state facility or office. You are also eligible if you were required to leave your house to perform home visits. Please note that you are not eligible for this grievance if you’ve been teleworking exclusively or have been on administrative leave since 3/23/20.

How do I sign on to the grievance?

Please find your agency in the list below. Download the packet and print it out. When you open the grievance there are 3 pages:

 • Page 1: Grievance form with Lead grievant information

• Page 2: Issues and facts of law for the grievance

• Page 3: grievance consolidation addendum

You only need to sign on page 3, the grievance consolidation addendum. On the grievance consolidation addendum, there are 3 boxes for 3 different participants to fill out. You must only fill out one of the boxes (other coworkers can fill in other the boxes). In the box, you must include signature and date, printed name, worksite, department (or agency) and your mailing address.

Please write legibly and sign the 3rd page (grievance consolidation addendum) in blue or black ink. Once you have filled this information out on page 3 (grievance consolidation addendum), please return this page to us by close of business on May 26. You can submit the form back to us by:

• Fax: 410-837-5436

• Scan and email: [email protected]

• Mail: AFSCME Maryland Council 3, 190 W. Ostend St., Ste. 101, Baltimore, MD 21230

*Please note: electronic signatures are not accepted at this time.

List of Agencies

Comptroller of Marylandhttps://www.afscmemd.org/system/files/comptroller_pandemicpaygrievance_final_2.pdf
Department of Agriculturehttps://www.afscmemd.org/system/files/mda_pandemicpaygrievance_final_0.pdf
Department of Assessments and Taxationhttps://www.afscmemd.org/system/files/sdat_pandemicpaygrievance_final_1.pdf
DPSCS (DOC and Parole and Probationi)https://www.afscmemd.org/system/files/doc_pandemicpaygrievance_final_0.pdf
Department of General Serviceshttps://www.afscmemd.org/system/files/dgs_pandemicpaygrievance_final_1.pdf
Department of Human Serviceshttps://www.afscmemd.org/system/files/dhs_pandemicpaygrievance_final.pdf
Department of Juvenile Serviceshttps://www.afscmemd.org/system/files/djs_pandemicpaygrievance_final_1.pdf
Department of Laborhttps://www.afscmemd.org/system/files/dol_pandemicpaygrievance_final_1.pdf
Department of Natural Resourceshttps://www.afscmemd.org/system/files/dnr_pandemicpaygrievance_final.pdf
Maryland State Police https://www.afscmemd.org/system/files/msp_pandemicpaygrievance_final.pdf
Maryland Aviation Administrationhttps://www.afscmemd.org/system/files/maa_pandemicpaygreivance_final_1.pdf
Maryland Port Administrationhttps://www.afscmemd.org/system/files/mpa_pandemicpaygrievance_final.pdf
Department of Healthhttps://www.afscmemd.org/system/files/mdh_pandemicpaygrievance_final_1.pdf
Department of Veteran's Affairshttps://www.afscmemd.org/system/files/veteransaffair_pandemicpaygreivance_final_3.pdf
Maryland State Dept of Educationhttps://www.afscmemd.org/system/files/msde_pandemicpaygreivance_final.pdf
Maryland Transportation Authorityhttps://www.afscmemd.org/system/files/mdta_pandemicpaygrievance_final_1.pdf
Motor Vehicle Administrationhttps://www.afscmemd.org/system/files/mva_pandemicpaygrievance_final_1.pdf
State Highway Administrationhttps://www.afscmemd.org/system/files/sha_pandemicpaygrievance_final_1.pdf