Elections 2022: Volunteer with AFSCME MD!

2022 is a big year in Maryland and we need all the help we can to make sure our AFSCME endorsed candidates win! Now is the time to talk with your fellow AFSCME members, co-workers, and friends on who will best represent YOU in elected public office!

Together, with AFSCME Council 67 and AFSCME Local 2250, our union has endorsed Tom Perez for Governor, Brooke Lierman for State Comptroller and Anthony Brown to be our next Attorney General, as well as Congressional, State and Local government candidates.  To learn about the AFSCME-endorsed candidates, go to www.afscme.org/vote for more information. 

AFSCME members will be door-knocking and phonebanking throughout the coming weeks. These races are crucial for public employees and the services we provide.  We need your help to turn members out for the July 19th Primary!  To get involved, email Lance Kilpatrick at [email protected] for information and opportunities on how YOU can make a difference!

REMEMBER: Early voting is from July 7th to July 14th.  Primary election day is July 19th!

Learn More about Tom Perez! 

  • Tom has served as the U.S. Department of Labor Secretary under Barack Obama; the Maryland Secretary of Labor, Licensing and Regulation under Martin O'Malley; and as a Montgomery County Councilman.
  • Tom implemented the nation's first "living wage" law in Maryland, hired more health & safety inspectors, and championed workers' rights from caregivers to construction workers.
  • Barack Obama said, "Tom's been one of the greatest Labor Secretaries in our history. His body of work on behalf of working people is tremendous."

Learn More about Brooke Lierman!

  • After spending five years as a Member of the Appropriations Committee in the General Assembly, Brooke assumed a leadership role in the Environment and Transportation Committee in 2019.
  • Brooke sponsored landmark legislation on public transit, public safety, and good government transparency.
  • Brooke is a civil, disability, and workers' rights lawyer that fights for working families.
  • Brooke is committed to utilizing the powers of the Comptroller's Office to unlock opportunities for Maryland's working people.

Learn More about Anthony Brown!

  • Anthony has devoted his life to public service: six years as a Congressman, eight years as Lt. Governor, eight years as a State Delegate, and over two decades in the U.S. Army, Army Reserves and Army National Guard.
  • He has advocated for common sense gun laws, protection for victims of domestic violence, protection for abused and neglected children and seniors, and enhancing our mental health and substance use disorder resources.
  • During the pandemic he has been a champion for families and small businesses, keeping people safe and working while helping businesses stay open and their employees on payroll.
  • Anthony Brown will be the top lawyer for Maryland’s people, always having our backs.

Volunteering to elect a new Governor, Comptroller and Attorney General will ensure AFSCME members have a voice in Annapolis and an ally across the negotiation table.

Make a plan to vote!  Go to www.afscme.org/vote to learn more about the AFSCME-endorsed candidates and the deadlines around absentee voting, early voting, and voter registration.