Council 3 Members Vote YES for AFSCME MOU 2022-2023

On Monday, January 31st, AFSCME Council 3’s bargaining team and a team of third-party observers completed the vote count to ratify AFSCME’s latest Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), including almost 12% in raises. Members of all six bargaining units (A, B, C, D, F and H) voted overwhelmingly to pass this agreement and secure our raises! This agreement will benefit our 20,000 plus bargaining unit members and thousands of other public employees in Maryland as well as their families.

97% of voters supported ratifying the agreement, including the raises and the non-economic language changes. A full version of the contract will be made available shortly. Bargaining team members fought hard against the Governor’s original offer of just 2 steps and a 2% COLA and stood up for the raises we deserve. We have already contacted negotiators for the Hogan Administration to determine ASAP the date raises will be paid. 

January 2022


One Step Increase

$1000 Bonus

EPG Grievants Only: $2500 Bonus

July 2022


One Step Increase (paid based on hire date)

July 2023


These raises result from the hard work of frontline workers like you, but this is just the beginning. Our union will continue the fight for raises and funding for our agencies in the legislature this spring and at the negotiation table this fall. Although wages are still behind, the tenacity of AFSMCE’s members shows we will continue to win tough fights.

We believe the earliest pay period these raises will go into effect ends on 2/8, but we have not gotten final confirmation from DBM. As soon as we get this information, we will confirm and update this page. Please make sure you don’t miss out on important alerts by updating your contact information here.