MDU wants YOU!

We need your help to push our merit conversion legislation (to give assistant public defenders the same protections that our core staff and social workers have) out of committee. Please make a two minute phone call today.

The most impactful outreach we can do to get our bill out of committee and up for a vote is to call a legislator personally. This really matters to them.

  1. On the list below, pick  a legislator from the county where you live or work, or call the Chair of the committee.
  2. Introduce yourself, describe your role at OPD, and note the county where you live or work.
  3. Tell them that you support the OPD merit conversion bill HB1277 (bill hearing was March 12) OR SB757 (bill hearing was March 4) and urge them to give it a favorable report.
  4. BONUS – send us a selfie of you making the call!

On March 18, 1963, the Supreme Court created the right to counsel in criminal cases in its landmark Gideon v. Wainwright decision. This week, to commemorate Gideon Day, we’re also launching a social media campaign to support our merit conversion bill!

To participate in the social media campaign please send:

  1. a selfie (or pic of your pet or kid) to [email protected];
  2. your title, district, division, and number of years of service (you can make your own sign like Steve did below or we can caption below your pic on social media); and
  3. your social media handle/username(s) if you have them (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) so we can tag you in the post!

We will snazz up your photo with a frame and an MDU sticker to support HB1277/SB757 and share it on our social media accounts. 

Let us know if you reach your legislator!