Trump Attacks Baltimore; Hogan continues to silently underfund and gut Maryland’s Middle Class

On Wednesday, August 5th, at 5:30 p.m. EST, AFSCME Maryland, the NAACP, CASA De Maryland and religious and community partners are standing together against Trump’s attack on Baltimore and Hogan’s silent destruction of critical public services through systematic de-funding. Each year, the State of Maryland and AFSCME Maryland members meet for contractually negotiated Annual Staffing Meetings. Many of our agencies have been critically understaffed for years and, rather than working towards solutions, the Hogan administration came unprepared and with no answers.

AFSCME Maryland is standing with legislators and community partners to demand immediate action from the Hogan Administration to address how short staffing damages and undercuts the quality of our public services This year, Governor Hogan chose not to release over $245 million in funding already approved by the Maryland Legislature including but not limited to the testing of rape kids, funding for school construction and funds for retention and raises for Correctional Officers. Instead of funding these critical projects to protect Marylanders, the Governor is silently and chronically underfunding state services, taking away middle-class jobs and effectively gutting our safety net. Our union will continue to fight for a better Maryland and highlight the impact of the Governor’s underfunding.

The State of Maryland has been under a consent decree in Baltimore City since 1987 for failure to perform their duty to safely house foster children. AFSCME Maryland is donating over 300 backpacks and school supplies because we know this administration will continue to not deliver on its promise to protect our children. Our union stands together and is calling on the Governor to stand with Baltimore against the President’s vicious attacks and fully fund Maryland’s public services.


State Employees rally in front of Baltimore City Juvenile Justice Center to support improving Maryland’s public services 


AFSCME-represented state employees. NAACP, CASA DE MARYLAND and other invited community partners. Senator Bill Ferguson.


Wednesday, August 7th at 5:30pm-6:30pm. 


Baltimore City Juvenile Justice Center, 300 N. Gay St, Baltimore MD, 21202 


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