St. Mary's College of Maryland Ratifies New MOU!

AFSCME Local 3980 members voted unanimously today to approve the new contract negotiated with St. Mary’s College of Maryland. These negotiations took 6 months of hard work from our bargaining team. Management tried to push changes that would make our jobs harder. We stopped those and fought for AND won fair compensation and better, safer working conditions. 

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  • Wage Increases for April 2019: 3.6%COLA +$100 to base pay and a $500 bonus.
  • Increase minimum wage on campus to$25,000
  • On-Call Pay increase to $40/day and ashift differential increase to $2.00/hour
  • Guaranteed 6% or greater raise if transferred to a higher position
  • Expanded employee skills develop-ment program to include all exempt and non-exempt bargaining unit members with opportunity to receive between 1%-5% increases once you have completed the program.Increases in reimbursements for safety boots and a new reimbursement for rain gear for our HVAC and Trades members
  • A Union Office on Campus

  • A seat on the Staff Senate

  • Improved language on protecting usfrom contracting out and outsourcing

  • 12 weeks (60 days) of Paternal leave forchildbirth or adoption

  • Mandated Anti-bullying policy bargaining

  • Tuition remission improvements that allow for employees to take at least 1 classduring their workday, and continue semester if they separate from employment

  • Transfer of leave earnings when transferring from another Maryland College or state agency

Read the full Memorandum of Understanding Here!