General Assembly Session: MDOT Employees Unite!

MDOT Employees Unite!  

Fight for Safety and AGAINST Privatization!

The House Environment and Transportation Committee is considering action on two bills that affect Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT):

HB 377 would eliminate toll collectors at the Bay Bridge and require all automated lanes!  We think it is important to have the option of talking to real people before you cross the bay bridge.  If you are in distress, or need information, what would you do without toll collectors. Resist this elimniaton and urge a NO vote on HB 377
HB 531 would require that drivers either move over or slow down when highway workers are on the side of the road.  Too many state employees have already been killed or injured by drivers.  Support HB 531.
Here's what you can do:
  • Contact the members of the Environment and Transporation Committee. Click HERE for their contact information.

  • Share this information with your fellow co-workers and union members. Ask them to contact members of the committee on these key pieces of legislation that affect MDOT
 When we fight, we win!