Call the Maryland Legislature and Urge them to Support Our Raise

After weeks of visits, calls and letters from AFSCME Maryland members, last Friday, the House of Delegates voted unanimously to put additional money in the budget to fund our raise. This money is in addition to the 3% COLA Governor Hogan has already proposed. That’s what happen when we fight- we win!

"The committee also set aside $46 million to give additional compensation enhancements. That provision would apply to…the state’s largest employee union, AFSCME Maryland Council 3, which did not reach an agreement in the fall. "

The Fight is NOT over yet but our calls are working! This week, the budget goes to the Senate and we need to make sure they feel DOUBLE the pressure the House of Delegates did. Call your Senator today and make sure they know:

  • You’re calling to ask them to support your raise as allocated in the budget. There is no bill number because our raise needs to be added to the budget and protected from any kind of cut from the Governor.
  • Urge them to ask their colleagues to support a FAIR raise for all of the hard-working state employees.  We know the truth- our members are falling behind other counties, surrounding state and the national inflation index and we need to start closing the gap THIS YEAR!

Find your Legislator Here!

Text 'fight4raise' to 237-263 to be connected OR call: 1-877-547-5021

Last year, AFSCME members won a 2.5% raise and $500 bonus for this current fiscal year, FY2019, that you will see in your checks this April. For the next fiscal year, we have been trying to negotiate with the state since September for next year’s wages. Governor Hogan’s representatives obstructed bargaining, ignoring AFSCME wage proposals and never gave us a proposal of their own.

We repeatedly requested in writing to schedule bargaining but they walked away from the table without discussing wages. Now they are trying to get us to accept only an across-the-board 3%. We accepted this offer and are still fighting for more.

As Public Employees, we elect our bosses. We need to make our voices heard this Legislative Session. Call your legislators NOW and let them know we deserve a fair raise THIS YEAR. We are too short-staffed to accept just a 3%. We are fighting for a raise to recruit AND retain quality staff. 

Find your Legislator Here!

Text 'fight4raise' to 237-263 to be connected OR call: 1-877-547-5021

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