Take Action: Send a Letter Urging Management Comply with Governor's Mandatory Telework Order

Urge Governor Hogan to Order ALL State Agencies Follow His Mandatory Telework Order

On November 10th, last Tuesday, in response to rapidly rising coronavirus numbers Governor Hogan increased statewide restrictions including announcing mandatory telework for all state workers. As of this week ending November 20th, Maryland has recorded a third new record for largest one-day increase of coronavirus cases. Despite this many frontline workers across the State of Maryland report they are not being allowed to telework or are being required to return to the office from telework.

AFSCME Council 3 members are continuing to organize for healthy and safe workplaces across Maryland. Governor Hogan needs to act now to protect frontline workers and minimize the spread of COVID-19. In addition to writing this letter, AFSCME continues to campaign both through ongoing contract negotiations and Labor Management Committee negotiations to improve access to telework and standardized the statewide telework policy to protect workers health and safety. 

The first step you can take is sending a letter to management urging them to comply with the Telework order. Our strength comes from our active, engaged members demanding management take urgent action and filling their inbox with emails to make it clear how widespread the non-compliance with the telework order is. After you send your letter, forward this article to two co-workers and urge them to do the same!

Send your letter now by clicking below from the list of agencies. If your agency is not listed, you can send an email directly to Governor Hogan and the Department of Budget and Management and urge them to require every state agency immediately comply with the mandatory telework order. 

Governor Hogan and the Department of Budget and Management

Department of Human Services

Maryland Department of Health

DPSCS Case Management and Non-Custodial Positions

Department of Labor

Department of Parole and Probation

Motor Vehicle Administration

Department of Assessment and Taxation 

Comptroller of Maryland

Department of Juvenile Services

 Interested in more information on how you can get involved in the fight for a fair and comprehensive telework policy? Contact the Member Resource Center to get information about joining the telework committee which meets weekly. 

In addition, you can read about the results of a survey conducted of over 1,000 public employees about their experience teleworking and how the Telework Committee used those results to compile a list of best practices for telework safely. Check out information on Adapting to the Pandemic: Thriving Remotely!

We also hosted a forum explaining the results and featuring guest speakers from the Maryland Center on Economic Policy and the Maryland State Education Association. Watch the forum here

You can also read or listen to WYPR's story from November 16th, 2020 about the non-compliance to the telework order: https://www.wypr.org/post/governor-told-state-workers-telework-workers-say-theyre-not-allowed