Hogan Administration Withholding Additional $7million in Correctional Officer Bonus Funding

Over the last three years, Maryland Correctional Officers have fought hard to make it clear that CO’s are severely impacted by short staffing levels. As a result of this, members of the Appropriations Committee and Budget and Tax Committee allocated an additional $7 million in bonus funding to the DPSCS budget. That money would be ON TOP of the 7% budgeted and finalized for CO’s and Case Managers and was directed to be used specifically to help retain officers.

As of July 3rd, Governor Hogan has stated he will withhold $245 million of funding that was “fenced off” in the state’s budget for various public programs including the $7 million intended for Officers. Governor Hogan is attempting to limit spending to the detriment of front-line staff who have been working in dangerously low staffing levels. As of now, this money is still being withheld but no other scheduled increases have been changed.

There’s still time to ACT and push Governor Hogan to do the right thing and release this funding as well as the additional fenced off money so we can keep Maryland moving. You can call or email the Governor at:


[email protected]


 Make sure he knows that you support the release of the $7 million in funding for bonuses for Correctional Officers!