Governor Hogan: Return to the Negotiations Table

Bargaining Update: Urging Governor Hogan Return to Negotiation Table

Following a failed attempt at significant cuts to frontline employees at the July 1st Board of Public Works meeting, the AFSCME elected bargaining team began negotiating with Governor Hogan.    

We came to these negotiations with the Hogan administration wanting to reach an agreement. After much internal discussion, the AFSCME bargaining team put forward significant proposals that would allow the state to get through the current crisis. These proposals combined budget cuts with the appropriate use of state savings.    

As detailed below, the Hogan administration has refused to engage in real discussions at the bargaining table.  Despite a productive and significant exchange of ideas and proposals from AFSCME that recognize the severity of the economic crisis, the Hogan Administration has refused to negotiate.   

We urge the Governor and his team to return to the table and continue negotiating. We believe an agreement is possible. If the Hogan administration chooses the path of conflict and avoidance, we are prepared to fight and organize. Given the current crisis we believe that discussion and compromise are the wisest steps.

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We are watching to see if the Hogan Administration will, as they have done in the past, go directly to the Board of Public Works to cut our pay and resources.  We will know Friday Morning (August 28th, 2020) if they intend to do this in the meeting on Wednesday, September 2.  If they do, we must be ready to fight back! Link:

How Did We Get Here?

 In June, the Hogan administration tried to take deep and serious cuts directly to the Board of Public Works (BPW), bypassing any kind of discussions or negotiations with us. 

We beat them back at the Board of Public Works meeting in June. We mobilized and flooded the board of public works with emails and calls.  We mobilized in the streets and defeated the Hogan Administration at the BPW meeting.  

It was time to push the Hogan Administration at the bargaining table.  We came to bargaining with a clear intention of reaching a deal. After a long discussion amongst the bargaining team, we made significant concessions trying order to reach an agreement.   

We all recognize the deep financial problems on the horizon. The bargaining team presented a complete and comprehensive proposal combining economic concessions and the use of state savings in order to get through the current difficult moment.  Visit our Bargaining Unit Website to see the comparison here: To access log-in details, email [email protected] to confirm your bargaining unit status. 

The Hogan Administration has refused to engage in respectful, real negotiations.  It is disappointing but not surprising that they are unwilling or unable to engage with their employees in a respectful manner, even in the midst of an unprecedented public health crisis.   

We remain willing to continue negotiations. AFSCME has substantive proposals on the table.  During this crisis we must strive towards one goal: defeating the virus and getting Maryland back on its feet. 

Please join the call for the Hogan administration to come back to the table!