DBM Has No Solutions for Staffing Crisis in Annual Meeting with AFSCME Maryland

Last week, on August 29th, AFSCME Maryland members met with Department of Budget and Management Secretary David Brinkley for the Annual Meeeting regarding staffing levels outlined in our union contract. AFSCME Maryland was represented by President Patrick Moran, AFSCME Local 1427 President Dorian Johnson, AFSCME Local 539 President Jackie Caldwell and AFSCME Local 112 Shop Steward Monica Mayo.

 AFSCME Maryland members came prepared to discuss ongoing staffing shortages and the results of our Annual Staffing Meetings with each agency. Many Secretaries did not attend as outlined in the MOU and management came with no proposals, data or solutions to the staffing crisis.

When President Moran pushed for solutions, sadly, Secretary Brinkley responded with two initiatives:

  1. The State’s effort to recruit Correctional Offciers from Puerto Rico although he could not report how many new recruits had committed and accepted the job.
  2. The New and limited SmartWork Loan Forigveness Program benefiting very few employees in our bargaining unit. Read our statement on the program here!

These answers aren’t acceptable. For years, funded positions have been left unfilled creating huge increases in workloads, unsafe and dangerous working conditions and heavy burn out among current employees. That’s why AFSCME Maryland is calling upon the Maryland Legislature to immediately convene Emergency Hearings to examine the causes of the staffing crisis and what steps can be taken to alleviate it.

We are working to collect as many signatures as possible before our first day of bargaining for wages on September 11th.  

Sign the digital petition now! Share with your family members, neighbors and co-workers. 

The Hogan Administration and it’s representatives could not be more clear: they do not care about the staffing crisis or the danger it creates for state employees. We need to stand up and demand better for our state!

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