Council 3 Members Continue to Rack Up the Victories

Council 3 Members Continue to Rack Up the Victories

Maryland deserves better. Every agency is impacted by the staffing crisis and as we continue to fight at the bargaining table, we are starting to gather information to prepare for the legislative session. Our voices together can make a difference. Our communities rely on the critical services we provide. When we fight, we win and our communities are depending on us. As we continue by returning to negotiations this Thursday, 11/21, and preparing for the legislative session in 2020 we need to hear from you and your co-workers. Fill out the survey below:

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10/29: Hogan can’t hide the staffing crisis

On October 29, a joint committee of state senators and representatives held an emergency hearing in Annapolis to examine the causes for and the solutions to the Hogan staffing crisis. Over a period of several hours, our elected officials heard testimony from AFSCME members and cross examined Hogan officials. Politicians demanded to know why the Hogan administration can’t or won’t staff our agencies correctly. AFSCME members will continue the fight into the legislative session. We believe the solutions to the Staffing Crisis are:

  • competitive wages
  • safer workplaces
  • better personnel policies
  • improved hiring practices
  • legislative oversight

11/6: Judge rules Hogan violated labor laws in negotiations with AFSCME. Hogan must negotiate

Council 3 won big in court. The Hogan administrated attempted to delay negotiations by violating AFSCME’s constitutional rights to communicate freely with our membership and advocate for ourselves with the General Assembly. The judge ruled that the Hogan administration committed an Unfair Labor Practice and AFSCME did not. The judge ruled as “baseless” the Administration’s charges and ordered him back to the negotiation table. We will return to the negotiations table over wages on November 21st.