AFSCME Wins Safety Enhancements for DGS Security Officers

AFSCME Council 3 members in AFSCME Local 1535 from the Department of General Services won safety enhancements by fighting together! Security Officers were concerned about the lack of safety for staff working at the entrance of 500 N. Calvert St. 

Working together with their union, members came together to ask management to enclose the desk for the protection and safety of staff members. Members worked together to urge management to take action to fix this safety gap through their labor-management committee. Earlier this month, management finally enclosed the office securing a victory for Local 1535 and all security officers! 

When we fight, we win! Our members are the eyes and ears of issues in your workplace. We have to work together to enforce our contract and resolve issues in the workplace. To get more involved in resolving issues in your workplace, reach out to our Member Resource Center at 410.547.1515 or [email protected].