AFSCME Members Win 6% Increase for FY 2020

AFSCME Members win additional 2% COLA (contingent on Revenue Volatility Fund) for End of FY 2020!

Download the flier here to update your co-workers.

Download the CO and CO Case Manager Version here.

Thank You to our Union Brothers and Sisters who dedicated their energy, time and leadership to coming to Annapolis for Lobby Night or used their own Leave to prepare and give testimony at Hearings and brought their co-workers with them!

Raises we WON for Fiscal Year 2019 :

  • January 2019: 2% COLA
  • April 2019: .5% COLA and $500 lump sum bonus

Raises we WON for Fiscal Year 2020:

  • July 2019: 3% COLA
  • Correctional Officers and Correctional Case Managers will receive a 4% Wage Scale Adjustment (equal to a 4% COLA)
  • January 2020: 1% COLA (Revenue Contingent)
  • July 2020: 2% COLA- Contingent on Revenue Volatility Fund (very likely)

In Fall 2018, Governor Hogan started negotiations by trying to change the rules. Our members made a choice to refuse to compromise our right to: communicate freely with our members through social media and email and seek assistance from the General Assembly. We didn’t agree to these unfair negotiating conditions and instead members from every agency organized:

◊ AFSCME Members visited or tried to visit all 188 Senators and Delegates in the Legislature
◊ AFSCME activists generated THOUSANDS of phone calls and email.
◊ AFSCME activists held hundreds of workplace meetings to update their co-workers.

Through the hard work of your union’s elected leaders, elected bargaining team and volunteer activists we kept a consistent presence and made our case clear: Maryland is in a short staffing crisis and we can’t wait. Legislators felt the pressure and we were able to stop attempts to delay the 3% COLA and win MORE money for our members.

We REFUSED to Settle because Union Power Wins! #AFSCMEStrong