AFSCME Members Stop Legislation to Weaken Maryland’s Public Employee Workforce

AFSCME Members Stop Legislation to Weaken Maryland’s Public Employee Workforce

Each year, there are several bills proposed that would harm Maryland’s public employees which we must work together to stop. This year several pieces of legislation were put in that would have hurt Maryland’s public workforce. By coming together at lobby nights, writing letters, and testifying against these bills AFSCME members were able to stop these legislations from passing.

SB 212 would have reduced, from 21 to 19, the minimum age requirement for employment as a correctional officer in any unit of the Division of Correction, any unit of the Division of Pretrial Detention and Services, or the Patuxent Institution within the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services.

SB 599 would have authorized the Motor Vehicle Administration to establish a pilot program in Howard County and Montgomery County to allow drivers' schools to administer the driver skills examination required for an individual to obtain certain driver's licenses, effectively privatizing a service delivered by our members.

SB 794 would have effectively rolled back worker protections for hiring and firing within the Maryland Department of Education. This law would mean MSDE would not have to follow the standard protocols for hiring, advancement, or termination of employees. This would be done by converting positions to “Special Appointments”, effectively removing labor protections and workplace rights for employees.

We are stronger together and all session long AFSCME members defended our rights against these proposed changes all while pushing to pass our own legislation to enhance worker protections.