AFSCME Meeting with USM Despite Hogan Veto & Prepared to Fight

During this year’s legislative session we beat the entire University System of Maryland (USM).  We won, with veto-proof majorities, the right to bargain one master contract for all our members in the USM, just like we do for the state employees.  On Friday, the USM delayed the inevitable.  They relied on lame-duck Larry Hogan to delay bargaining by vetoing our legislation, SB9.  

THIS WILL NOT STOP US.   When the legislature reconvenes, we will override the veto, as every Hogan veto has been overridden. Then we will be at the bargaining table for everything. 

Throughout this summer, fall, and winter we will hold them accountable to ensure our campuses are safe for reopening and our members rightly compensated. We will be meeting with other stakeholders in our campus communities such as students, parents, and alumni to work together so we can avoid the chaos of 2020 at our schools.  

To get more involved in this fight to hold the USM accountable and make our campuses better email [email protected]

Join the fight for hazard pay for all employees who were required to report to campus and urge the Chancellor to take action by sending a letter now