AFSCME Council 3 President Moran Statement on Racial Justice

An Update from Council 3 President Patrick Moran:

As union leaders, as community leaders we are disturbed by those who wrap themselves in the flag to defend behavior that we know runs counter to what we strive for as Americans.  There are those who are pushing and working hard to convince us that bullying, taking advantage of the impoverished and those without power, is somehow an “American Value”. 

  • It is un-American for any person to be killed in the custody of those that are sworn to protect them. 
  • It is un-American for citizens to have to fear for their lives because they are of a certain race, class, religion, origin, or orientation.
  • It is un-American to call citizens “hoodlums” or “terrorists” when they are peacefully exercising their first amendment rights of freedom of speech or assembly.
  • It is un-American to call racists and Nazis, “good people.”

As union people, we are used to fighting the good fight.  Every day at work we are working to right wrongs, to give a voice to those who are afraid to speak.  We need to continue our struggles in the workplace and out into society as a whole. 

Despite the grave injustices in our history we are proud of being Americans.  Although sometimes the goal seems far away, we can and must build a country where one is judged by their character and not the color of their skin. 

  • It is VERY AMERICAN to expect that EVERY member of our society has a right to engage in their community without fear of reprisal.
  • It is VERY AMERICAN to live a life peacefully and productively regardless of one’s race, class, religion, origin, or orientation.
  • It is VERY AMERICAN to call out those in power when they are denying us our right to peacefully practice our freedom of speech or assembly and threaten us with violence by using our own military against us.
  • It is VERY AMERICAN to stand up to racists and Nazis. 

That is the America EVERYONE is owed, not just the rich and powerful, ALL of us!  That is the America we must stand for and not expect anything less.    

Just like with anything else in life, this world will not just be given to us, it is a world we have to struggle for, and to build together.

We stand with the majority of Americans that stand for ALL!