Additional COLA Confirmed for January 2020

In Fall 2018, Governor Hogan started negotiations by trying to change the rules. Our members made a choice to refuse to compromise our right to: communicate freely with our members through social media and email and seek assistance from the General Assembly. We didn’t agree to these unfair negotiating conditions and instead members from every agency organized.

Today, the benefits of our hard work in 2018 continue to pay off. Maryland continues to experience a surplus in our general fund. In order to lock in the 1% COLA, revenue projections had to exceed December 2018 projections by $75 million. A recent report from the Board of Revenue announced that the budget came in $216.6 million above projections. Read more on the Maryland Reporter.

State Employees will recieve an additional 1% COLA increase during the first full pay period in January, 2020. In addition to this 1%, an additional 2% COLA will be confirmed in July based on end of year funds. 

Maryland has a balanced budget so each year our union negotiates wages. We are back at the table on September 11th. Are you ready to join the fight? When we work together, we win together. We are powered by our members and that’s why we’re asking you to make sure you're a member or,  if you're already a member, make sure you are signed up for our email list and like and follow our page on facebook!