Adapting and Thriving Remotely: AFSCME Council 3 Releases Survey Results

Adapting and Thriving Remotely

On Wednesday, October 14th, AFSCME Council 3 will host a virtual townhall ahead of the release of the results of our 2020 AFSCME Telework Survey. Beginning in September, a workgroup of AFSCME Council 3 members organized a survey of all public employees which gathered over 1,000 responses. To learn more about the results of the survey, review this powerpoint with more information.

Together with these results, AFSCME is proud to present "Thriving and Surviving: Making Smart Decisions to keep Maryland Moving and Growing During COVID-19" an informational booklet on adapting public service to the age of the pandemic including an economic update on the outlook for fiscal year 2021 and fiscal year 2022. 

Download it here:

The townhall featured the guest speakers listed below and can be viewed on our AFSCME Council 3 youtube channel. Watch by clicking here! 

Council 3 Members Cherrish Vick (AFSCME Local 112) and Jessika Burroughs (AFSCME Local 631) will discuss how providing state services remotely through telework can continue to improve.

Maryland State Education Association President Cheryl Bost explaining how her members have prepared for remote learning and her advice for parents.

Courtnay O. Hatcher, Ed.S., NCSP, BCBA
Lead Trainer, A. Wright Education Consultants, LLC providing insights on the pressures on the family and what families can do to accommodate the difficulties of these unprecedented times.

Christopher Meyer, Research Analyst, Maryland Center of Economic Policy will discuss how the state can beat adapt to the climate of the pandemic. What are the wise dollar decisions the state can make?